Can you see this picture learners?
What are the symbols in this square?

All of the symbols in the square are punctuations.
Now, I am going to share with all of you about punctuation marks

Punctuation is the name for marks used in writing. These marks help with understanding. There are many kinds of punctuation. Some of them can do many things. These are some common punctuation marks used in English:
  • ( . ) - a period or full stop, used to end a sentence. It shows when an idea is finished.
  • ( , ) - a comma, used to list things and and indicate sentences or questions
  • ( ? ) - a question mark or query, used when writing the questions.
  • ! ) - an exclamation mark, used write about strong emotion or to be shouted.
  • ( ' ) - an apostrophe, used to show that something belongs to something else.
  • ( " ) - a quotation mark, used around the worlds that people have said.
Example of full stop : I have a book.
Example of comma : I love to eat chicken rice, salad and fried rice.
Example of question mark : Where are you going?
Example of exclamation mark : Oh my God!
Example of apostrophe : This book is Mary's.
Example of quotation mark : Ali said, " I love English very much! ".

That's all from me. Do learn okay :)

Posted by : Nor Shahira Bt Mohd Yasin


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