Everyone can understand Modal Verbs!
What are model verbs?
Model verbs are also called auxiliary verbs, helping verbs and model auxiliaries.
Model verbs are not complete verbs, and they can only be used with a verb. Modal auxiliary verbs may sound difficult but in fact they're easy. Modals are: cancouldmaymightmustought toshallshouldwillwould and need 
   (need can be a full verb, too).

The usage of model verbs:
Model verbs stay in the base form - bare infinitive - the bare infinitive is the infinitive without "to" before the verb.
The following model verbs are used to with the present tense:
    can, will, shall, ought to, must, need, may
The following model verbs are used in the past tense:
would, should, could, might
Model verbs are used to answer questions in the short form
    yes, I do.
    yes, we can.
    No, I don't.
Model verbs can be used as part of the grammar structure of the sentence, such as when used with the perfect tenses.
When are model verbs used:

~ Prediction - Will and Shall

  • Will and shall can be used to state predict that an event or an action will take place or will occur The model verbs can used to make a prediction about an event or action about the future.
  • I think we will be able to go and see the move tonight.
  • My mother thinks we will not get home be it starts to rain.
~ Requests - Offers - Suggestions - Can - Could - May - Shall
To make requests, offers or suggestions can be stated with the model verbs.

~ Permission - Can - Could - May - Might
Can, could, may and might are model verbs that can be used to give permission or deny permission to do something or to someone.
Can I help you cook dinner?
You may not watch T. V. after dinner.

~Certainty - Possibility - Can - Might - may- Could - Shall -Can, might
- and could are model verbs that can be used to state certainty and possibility.

Do you think it might rain tomorrow night?
I might be home before midnight.
You can come over tonight if you would like to.

~Ability - Inability - Can - Could - Able to
My father hopes that we will be able to go to the moves.
I can not go to Europe with you.

Understand enough right? :)
Thanks for reading. Thats all from me .

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